Summer Fun Includes a Day at the Fair

A reader describes summer fun as going to the fair, checking out the livestock, and enjoying all the opportunities for learning.

| May/June 2014

  • The 4-H livestock exhibits draw quite a crowd at county fairs.
    Photo by Fotolia/Vielfalt

For my family, summer fun comes in the form of going to the county fair. I can’t think of a place that offers more entertainment. I think what draws me to the fair is that it’s not just a place for fun and excitement in relation to the rides at an amusement park, but it’s also a place that offers lots of opportunities for learning and enjoying the arts and crafts.

Although I’ve always enjoyed the amusement rides at the fairs, ever since I was a kid, my first stop has been the exhibits. It’s interesting to go from booth to booth investigating all the latest technology and products, and the free items like pens, key rings and pamphlets that are handed out are a big attraction.

My next stop is the arts and crafts exhibits. There I find a variety of paintings, drawing, hand-crafted jewelry and wood carvings, as well as pies, cakes, pickles, crocheted and knitted items, quilts and more. Then comes the 4-H livestock exhibits, where I look in on the chickens, rabbits, cattle and pigs.

Next it’s off to the games, where I can test my skills at winning prizes. And to finish the day, the amusement rides. There’s nothing more enjoyable as a day at the county fair!

Mauston, Wisconsin

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