Hideaway Table Would Be Handy

The backyard is where my garden plot is located, and it’s also where I hang my laundry out to dry.

Having a garden table to set things on, such as laundry baskets, garden tools I’m planning to use, a watering can for my hanging flowerpots, or a large glass of iced tea would be ideal. Right now I use a low bench, but that requires bending, which is nothing short of uncomfortable.

Fold down table maximizes use of space

My backyard doesn’t provide enough room for such a table, though, so I would like to be able to create a hideaway table that attaches to the back of my house in some way. It would be about three feet in diameter and would be hinged so it could be raised up and down when needed.

For support, it would need a folding “leg” that would swing out and sit securely on the ground when the table was being used. When it was being stored, the leg would be tucked neatly against what would be the underside of my hideaway table.

That would be what I would like to make if I had the ability to make what I can envision.

San Diego, California