Letters to the Editor from the Winter 2018 Issue

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An outhouse that was incorporated into a vegetable garden.
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An old subscription advertisement from Capper's Weekly.

Yard and Garden Art Appeal

I enjoyed reading “Privileges on the Prairie: Living With a Privy” in the Summer 2017 issue.

In 2010, we bought our retirement home, which is near my husband’s hometown. The original farmhouse that once stood on the property was replaced about 30 years ago, but the two-seater outhouse was left in place.

It makes for an interesting conversation piece. I have used the space around the outhouse for my permanent rhubarb and asparagus beds.

Nothing says “living in the country” like an outhouse in your yard!

Coleen Core
Frankfort, Ohio

Comparing Peanuts to Capper’s Weekly

I have been blessed to live on the farm all my life, with the exception of when I was in college.

While looking at a 1906 cookbook my mother-in-law gave me, this old clipping (below) fell out. I thought you would find it of interest. I have no idea of the year it was sent. What I really liked was the quote about comparing eating peanuts to reading your magazine.

Barbara Harrison
Revere, Missouri