Together with God: Natural Disasters

It seems that more and more natural disasters are occurring in the world today. Or maybe we’re just more aware because advanced technology informs us of those disasters. At any rate, this awareness can make us afraid of future occurrences.

Turn on the TV, and you’ll see many documentaries on past disasters, as well as speculation regarding the end of the world. But remember, God has provided us a plan of action.

We have the option to prepare ourselves for any disaster that befalls our world. We protect ourselves as best we can from floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters. Then we pray for our families and ourselves, and for those we don’t know who are in the path of an oncoming storm.

Once the skies clear, we roll up our sleeves and pull away the debris so we can rebuild. We do it because we believe in the hope of a better tomorrow.

I don’t know why nature has turned so violent in recent years, but I do know that we have the power of God’s love to overcome any tragedy. We fight for our right to survive, and we help others in their struggle. That’s what it’s all about – loving each other and reaching out to help. With love, we can survive. It’s God’s promise to us.

Father, thank You for loving us and for Your promises. May Your love always give us strength, courage and hope for the future. Bless those who have been affected by disasters with Your peace. Help us to help others through their fears so they may know Your love and power. Amen.