Open Session: February 2009

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Pattern keeps flag flying: Several years ago, I wrote to CAPPER’S asking if anyone had a flag pattern that my mother, Grace Neer, made during World War I. (I tried to use hers as a pattern, but it was so worn I couldn’t.) I eventually received a pattern, and finally finished it. This is what it looks like. It is a crochet wall hanging, and it has more than a thousand yards of thread in it. – Lorene Boyer, Neodesha, Kan.

The hungry salesman – I want you to know how much I have enjoyed receiving CAPPER’S for more than 60 years. When a nice, young salesman came to my door in the 1940s, he accepted a fat roasting hen as payment for my first subscription. I’m certainly glad he was hungry for chicken that day.

Although I eventually had seven children, I always found time to read my CAPPER’S. I have especially enjoyed the fiction stories and the letters sent in by other readers.

I am amazed and thankful that even though I moved from Michigan to California to Iowa, CAPPER’S always managed to follow me. Thank you so much.

Fanny M. Miller
Kalona, Iowa

Radio days – I enjoyed the stories about old-time radios in the December 2008 Heart of the Home section. They brought back many memories.

Our first radio was a Crosby that Dad got for a trade. Only one person at a time could listen to it, and a set of earphones went with it.

Dad, who was the head of the house, listened, and then would tell Mom and us three girls the story. He always listened to the Lone Ranger and Amos ‘n’ Andy.

I can still see Dad’s grin – and hear his occasional laughter – while he listened. We girls would sit still as mice so he could hear.

The radio’s reception wasn’t good, be­cause the radio used a dry battery and the car battery, and a lead-in wire that went out the window.

Marcella Doles
Ray, Ohio

Column works – I want to thank all who responded­ to my Reader to Reader request, published in the December 2008 issue. My request for a poem about a blacksmith garnered notes from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Edythe Justin
Chambers, Neb.

Editor’s note: We’re glad so many folks were able to give you some help, Edythe.

Sometimes, readers receive such a flood of responses to their Reader to Reader requests that they are unable to thank all the senders­. If you answer a request and never receive a thank-you note, please understand that the number of letters received can sometimes make answering all of the responses impossible.

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