Dog Mom Dreams of Perfect Pet Car Seat

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Beloved doggy companions need a safe way to ride too.

If I were to invent something, it would be a pet car seat for my dog. Not like the run-of-the-mill type seen advertised on TV, but one that would work with the bucket seats in my car, and one that would allow my dog to see everything.

Why we need dog seats for cars

My dog, Cuddles, loves to ride. Unfortunately, he’s not “good” at it. He becomes super excited and interested in seeing what’s happening all around, via the windshield and side windows. So he runs across my lap, to the console, and back – again and again and again. I’m usually not the driver, and therefore I bear all the activity.

When the turn signal comes on, Cuddles springs into action, and the back-and-forth dance begins again. If the car slows or comes to a stop, he’s instantly on the move to see why.

By the time we reach our destination, I am worn out.

Constructing dog booster seats

Construction would start with straps, which would fit securely around the base of both bucket-seat headrests. Between them, a comfortable dog seat would be affixed. The pet car seat would be sturdy and would feature a well-padded back and seat. It also would have a crossbar and a snug way to fasten Cuddles in, so he could safely ride in luxury.

This type of pet car seat would give Cuddles the ability to have full view of all that’s going on. And it would also provide a place for him to relax in comfort – and just maybe take a nap.

My invention would allow both dogs and humans to enjoy a car ride. Now if I just had the creativity to accomplish it!

Beaver Dams, New York