Roast Mouse Anyone?

By Leah
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I had a bit of shock the other day. I opened my oven and found a mouse sitting in my cast iron loaf pan. My jaw dropped and we just stared at each other, the mouse and I, then suddenly he leaped out of the pan and was gone.

Drawing by Greg McAllister

I yelled for DC, who finally dragged himself out of bed and wandered in. He tried to be helpful, but of course he looked in all of the wrong places.

Photo by Leah McAllister.

In the mean time, I hauled all of my cast iron out of the stove and began scrubbing it down. I even used SOS pads which I rarely resort to.

Photo by Leah McAllister.

Then I turned to look at the oven. “I’d just like to drag this thing out and pitch it out of the door!” I told my husband. “I just can’t bare the thought of cooking in it again, even after it’s been cleaned.”

Greg looked over my shoulder at the 15 year old stove. “Well, why don’t we?” he countered. “The oven light shorted out a long time ago, the broiler is out, the baking coil is about shot, and the door is sprung – which is probably how the mouse got in there in the first place. Let’s just chuck it and buy a new one.”

So we did. Stoves are much more advanced now than when I bought the old one. The oven is digital, and the baking coil is hidden under the floor of the oven. And it is black and chrome which matches my other appliances. The perfect fit for the kitchen.

Photo by Leah McAllister.

And Mr. Mouse? DC finally prevailed and had a tasty snack for lunch.

Photo by Leah McAllister.