Siblings and Friends

I have a friend, Cheryl, who doesn’t keep in touch with her brothers and sisters. She has four brothers and five sisters and knows nothing of their whereabouts or life activities, nor they hers. They have no connection to one another, nothing that they share, other than being born into the same family.

I credit my mother for our family being close. She taught us, and at times insisted that we stay connected to one another. I have three brothers, Ray, Bob and my twin brother, Steve. They have taken care of me and provided me with opportunities to succeed many times. I pray often for my friend Cheryl, because I fear she is too disconnected from life and will spend the better part of it alone.

Father, thank you for giving us built in friends in our siblings. Not only do they share our history, but they also often share our hearts. Help those who do not strive for connections with their families to understand how important it is to keep those relationships strong. Amen.