Together With God-Pen Pals

I had a pen pal when I was in fifth grade. Our teacher put the names and addresses of fifth graders from a school in another state into a basket, and each of us students drew one. We wrote to our pen pals during the semester for a grade, but for me, it really was educational. My pen pal and I learned a lot about each other, as well as some interesting facts and differences about our states. My pen pal back then was a stranger, but today my pen pals are old friends who want to keep in touch through the exchange of letters.

If you’re interested in finding a pen pal, don’t forget the men and women in our Armed Forces who are always happy to hear from fellow Americans. To find more information on how to go about it, check with your local churches, schools and libraries.

Father, thank You for everyone who takes the time to write to the brave men and women who make up our military, letting each of them know that they are very much appreciated. And bless all of those who reach out to others, through pen pal letters, to form friendships and offer encouragement. Amen.