Together with God: Unforgettable Events

In a moment of tragedy, when we are shocked by events we cannot control, that’s when our faith is the strongest. You might think that it would be the time when it is the weakest and most vulnerable, but it is during those tragic times that we rely on our faith and draw from God’s wisdom to get us through. We console ourselves with truth and trust in His plan. We admit openly that we don’t know why someone dear to us has to be taken away. We fear the next storm headed our way, and at the same time, we cling to the promise that He will help us. Our faith becomes very strong during a crisis. It has to, because most of the time it is all we have left. 

Hurricanes blow in and our lives are blown away, but our faith stays and is strengthened by a caring touch from others­. Tornadoes cross our paths and take our homes, but not our hope. There are many forms of storms that find us, and it is the power of our faith that guides us through. 

Father, thank You for being there for us when we are afraid, when we’re lost in the storm and seeking Your guidance. Help us to remain strong when we are grieving. Remind us of Your love when we are lonely, and strengthen our faith every time we seek Your help. Amen.