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3 Essential Outdoor Event Planning Secrets

Anyone who has ever planned an outdoor event will tell you that there's more to it than what you'll probably initially expect. When the success of your party is at the mercy of the elements, there are so many things that can go wrong – it can be discouraging to even the most experienced ...

Another Tale of Paul Bunyan and Babe

I was trying to decide what to do my blog on this week and decided to delve into some folklore and write about Paul Bunyan, the giant logger of yore, and his giant blue ox, Babe. Why would I want to write about him again, you ask. Because out here we believe he really did exist! I know you are ...

A Letter from Kate: Unforgettable Events

Dear Readers,Certain world and national events have had such an impact on us that the very mention of a date or place can conjure up memories of those events – World Trade Center, Pearl Harbor, Columbine, Hiroshima or Dealey Plaza.I have vivid memories of President Kennedy’s assassination, ...

Together with God: Unforgettable Events

In a moment of tragedy, when we are shocked by events we cannot control, that’s when our faith is the strongest. You might think that it would be the time when it is the weakest and most vulnerable, but it is during those tragic times that we rely on our faith and draw from God’s wisdom to ...

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