Letters to the Editor from the Winter 2017 Issue

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Photo courtesy Kenneth Early
A photo taken in 1907 of 26-year-old Elmer Early standing beside a seed and fertilizer horse-drawn wagon, being pulled by Mable the horse, that was used in Allen County, Ohio.

Best Magazine Ever!

I grew up with Capper’s Weekly. It was the only magazine my family took. Father said it was money, or oftentimes a hen, well spent – and Mother and all eight of us children wholeheartedly agreed.

After I got married and had six children, life was busy. I never had time to sit down, relax, and read a magazine – and, oh, how I missed it.

A few years ago, I found the “new” Capper’s Farmer.

Each issue is better than the last.The articles are perfect, and the photographs are beautiful. It’s like you’re putting the magazine together just for me. I absolutely love it!

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Thank you for the kind words, Delores. We’re delighted that you’re enjoying it so much. – Editors

Old Horse-Drawn Wagon

I saw the wagon article (“The Future of Historical Transport”) in the Spring 2016 issue of Capper’s Farmer, and I wanted to share this photograph (below) with you.

This is a seed and fertilizer horse-drawn wagon that was used in Allen County, Ohio, in the early 1900s. The man in the photograph is my grandfather, Elmer Early, at 26 years of age, and the horse is Mable. The photo was taken in 1907 in a field ready to be seeded to clover in spring.

Kenneth Early

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This is great, Kenneth. We love seeing old photos that show how people lived and worked in the early years. – Editors