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Our Homespun Christmas Tree

Jim and I went on a “Holiday Tour of Homes” in our city over the weekend. We visited a dozen homes, all decked out for Christmas. It was something to see how hard people work to make their homes welcoming and beautiful at this festive time of year. Seeing all of those perfectly decorated ...

What to Do With a Lifetime of Greeting Cards

Dear friends,With the month of February came the need to sort out a room full of scrapbook supplies, photos, greeting cards, and everything else I’ve neglected the last few years since we’ve become gardeners/farmers. I’ve been working on it for days, weeks, even months by now. I sorted a ...

Crafts: How to make felt ornaments

Materials needed:Felt Sheets - Assorted ColorsTemplates (provided)Cookie CuttersFluffed up cotton for stuffingDecorating Material: Beads, Confetti, Flowers, Sparkle, Sequins, Ribbons, Bows, decorative buttons etc.Crafts glueFree Templates:Click on each template to enlarge and then ...