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On The Garden Path: Festive Trees

Many different types of trees make great Christmas trees - and each one has its own recognizable quality.Here are a few good choices from the fir, pine and spruce families.Douglas firs have been used as Christmas trees since the 1920s because of their beautiful, soft, blue-green needles and ...

Garden Clippings: Garden Center Gifts

Garden centers offer great gift ideasIf you're like me - and judging from the department store lines, the majority of other Americans - you've procrastinated about finishing your holiday shopping and are scurrying to finish things up in the last few days. I tell myself every year that I won't ...

Couple’s covered wagon serves up meals fit for pioneers

The pioneer life has always fascinated Linda Korthanke. As a little girl, she was captivated hearing of covered wagons and open-air camping, of meals cooked in large black kettles and served with freshly churned butter. 'I was intrigued by the stories told of my maternal great-grandparents and ...