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Finding Paradise Right Where You Left It

Seven years ago my wife had a chance to visit Santa Fe and she fell in love with what she saw – myriad creative minds living a lifestyle that she could only describe as pure bliss. I was interested in what she was able to witness and about a year later I had the opportunity to visit Arizona. ...

Homesteading in the Shadow of the Famous Miller Brothers

The 160 acres my father leased in 1899 in the vicinity of Ponca City, Oklahoma, were surrounded by the large pasture of the Miller brothers' 101 Ranch. We had to fence all sides of that quarter section to keep the Millers’ cattle out. I attended the Miller brothers' first rodeo in 1905. It ...

Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, Homesteading and Hardships

My wife talks of the enjoyment of life on her family's homestead in Las Animas County, Colorado. But I can remember nothing but hardship on my folks' homestead in what is now Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. I was eight years old when my father staked his claim, and I lived there until I was 16.We ...

Railroad Stories: Katy Railroad Made Dream Come True

In the summer of 1933, when I was 6 years old, we lived in Woodward, Okla. A spur line of the Katy Railroad was just north of our house. The roundhouse, which was where the railroad crew worked on the trains, was about a block west of us.The switch engineer and his crew, a fireman and a ...

Dewey County, Oklahoma Settlers Lived in One-Room Shack

My family was one of three who took up adjoining homesteads in Dewey County, Oklahoma. We had a one-room shack on our place where the other families parked until they could build homes for themselves.One family built a dugout with a dirt roof, but in that first winter the snows drifted high and ...

Broomcorn Capital

Some of you might remember when brooms were made of straw. Those sold commercially were made from a plant called “broomcorn,” which was actually a type of sorghum. Growing in the field, it looked like cane sorghum, but the seed heads were carried on very long stalks, and it was the long, ...

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