Erin Sheehan

Homespun Life in the City

By Erin Sheehan

I was raised to appreciate simple things – home canned jelly, homemade bread, and vegetables from the garden. My parents passed down to me the values and skills they learned from their parents. I live in an urban area in upstate New York, but my husband (Jim) and I garden, bake bread, can and freeze our harvest, line dry our clothes, and make our own soap. A few years ago I sold my car and we get by on one. We’re on a journey that we hope will get us out of the city and onto some land where we can have livestock and an even bigger garden. Although our lifestyle can be a lot of work, it’s joyful work. My favorite sound in the world is the pop of a canning jar sealing up and I never tire of looking at my garden. Jim and I both still work full time, but we have lots of adventures on our urban homestead and I’m happy to share them with you.