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Photo by Debby Wolvos
Organize your week with this customized calendar.

DIY Bedroom Decor, by Tana Smith, (Adams Media, 2015) is your guide to creating décor on a budget. Written by a popular Youtube-host, this book has 50 easy-to-follow ideas to transform your room. This project for a corkboard calendar only requires a few basic craft supplies.

Using a calendar to keep track of important — and fun — dates and reminders is a great way to stay organized. Combining your calendar with a corkboard adds another level of usefulness and customizability that takes this DIY calendar to the next level. Here you’ll use colorful washi tape as well as fun push pins and tacks to amp up the level of cuteness on this calendar. You won’t be able to resist making fun notes to your future self and keeping track of when your school assignments are due once this Corkboard Calendar is hanging on your wall!


• 1 (11 inch × 17 inch) cork bulletin board
• Ruler
• 5 washi tape rolls in assorted colors
• Letter stickers (roughly 2 inch)


1. Take one roll of washi tape and use the tape to cover the wood or plastic frame surrounding your cork board.

2. Next, lay your cork board out horizontally, and use your ruler to measure out five equal columns of about 3 1/2 inch each. Then, using other colors of washi tape, stick the tape onto the cork part of the cork board at each 3 1/2 inch interval, so that it forms a vertical column. Repeat to form a total of 5 columns.

3. Now, measure about 2″ down from the top of the cork board and run another color of washi tape vertically across the board on that line.

4. Use your letter stickers to label the boxes you’ve created at the top of the cork board with the days of the week. I labeled mine with “M,” “T,” “W,” “Th,” and “F.”

5. When all the stickers have been placed, put your Corkboard Calendar on your desk and dress it up with fun pushpins and colorful Post-it Notes. Enjoy!

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Excerpted from DIY Bedroom Decor: 50 Awesome Ideas for Your Room. Copyright © 2015 Adams Media. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. Photographs by Tana Smith and Debby Wolvos.