DIY Dry Erase Calendar

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Photo by By Karen K. Will
Dry-erase calendar hanging on wall with eraser and dry-erase marker.

Who can’t use a calendar, especially one that never expires, meaning it never needs to be thrown away?

Find a 12-by-12-inch frame that suits your liking — this size of frame keeps with the size of a traditional calendar. Then you’ll either need to purchase a make-your-own calendar kit from a craft store, or create a blank template on your computer using a scrapbooking program, and print it out. I did mine on the computer, and to give it some color and personality, I left room at the top for a photo.

Once you have your template completed, print it, cut it out, and place it in the frame.

Then, so the dry-erase marker and felt eraser are always within reach, attach them to the frame. The easiest way to do this is to cut four small pieces of magnetic strip. Place two of them on the frame, wherever you want to hang the marker and eraser, one to the marker, and the last piece to the eraser. Then align the magnetic pieces on the marker and eraser to the pieces on the frame. You could also use Velcro.

If your frame doesn’t already have hooks attached to the back, you’ll need to add them. If you’d rather use wire, rope or string to hang your frame, you can attach it to the back with staples, but be careful that the staples don’t go through the other side. Another hanging option is to attach several pieces of magnetic tape to the back of the frame so your dry-erase calendar can be hung on the refrigerator.

Note: Rather than making just one template, make four, using seasonal photos, or create 12 using photos that are relevant to each month, then place all of them in the frame before replacing the back. Be sure to let the recipient know about the additional templates so they can be changed at the appropriate times.

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