Repurposed Wood Table

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Photo by Linda Smith
This painting technique turned out beautifully.

Chalk painting furniture is so much fun! For this project, I decided to do something I’d seen before but had never tried — using two colors of paint to create a dramatic weathered look. I’m sure glad I tried it. I love how it turned out.


Clean the table with a cloth and glass cleaner, and let it dry.

Using a craft paint brush, paint the entire table with a base color of chalk paint, and let it dry for two hours.

Using another craft paint brush, dip the brush in your second color of chalk paint, and drag the brush across the top of the table, down the spindles, across the bottom shelf, and over the legs. It’s up to you how much of the second color you use — the more you use, the more dramatic the results.

Let it dry completely, and then you’re ready to find the perfect spot for your new table.

I used FolkArt® Home Decor Chalk Paints 34159 Cascade (for the base) and 34169 Rich Black (for the streaks).

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