Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree

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By Erin Sheehan

We grow a lot of pumpkin and winter squash. I like to make pumpkin soup, bread, waffles, cookies, you name it. Pumpkin makes everything better, right? This is a Sweet Meat pumpkin from our garden.

Until recently I processed my pumpkins in the oven by cutting them open and baking them. But I find that method dries the flesh too much for my taste. Instead I use my pressure cooker. It takes a bit longer because I can only do half or even less of one at a time, but I fit it in while I’m doing other things in the kitchen.

From November through January, I’ll process one or two pumpkins a week and use them as I go along. Here’s how I do it in the pressure cooker.

Cut up pumpkin or squash into pieces a few inches long and wide. Remove seeds. Put a stainless steel vegetable steamer into your pressure cooker. Put enough water into the pressure cooker to just barely touch the bottom of the steamer. Fill up the pressure cooker with your cut pumpkin.

Bring cooker up to pressure and let cook for 10 minutes. When I’m doing a really thick squash like Sweet Meat, which can be a couple of inches thick, I up it to 11 or 12 minutes. Once cooked, turn off heat and allow pressure to drop.

Carefully remove the steamer and your pumpkin.

Once it has cooled, the flesh will scrape right out easily. Notice how moist and soft it is!

Much better than baking. Enjoy!

Published on Nov 6, 2014