A Luscious Mango Treat

| 5/16/2016 2:18:00 PM

Renee-Lucie BenoitWe recently moved into a predominately Hispanic area and I love getting into the cultural world of wherever I go. I've been all over the world and in all the places I've gone I don't spend much time in the resort. No, I go to where the local people are as long as I feel safe and because I've done this I think my experience of a culture is much richer.

When we went to the grocery store a few weeks ago we noticed a little shop on the corner. It was called "Paleta-landia Antojitos". Paletas are frozen popsicles. Antojitos are snacks. It looked inviting so one day we went there and discovered that they make their own tortillas with a press just like the one Marty made for me and that I gave how-to-make instructions for in a Capper's post a few months ago. So you can imagine that their tacos were really good and being only $2.75 each and big just one was fine and dandy!

Looking at the menu I saw something called "mangonada." What was that, I wondered? It looked really good in the picture so I asked the gal what they put in it. She said fresh mango, mango sherbet, chamoy, tajin seasoning, lime and then last but not least they poked a tamarindo candy straw down into the center.

The next time we went I ordered one. It was pretty good but I decided I could do without the tamarindo straw and with a little less chamoy. Chamoy by the way, is apricot preserves with lime and ancho chili powder all mixed together that make a sauce.

Mexicans really like this dessert-like treat. This is my kitchen tested version.

Renee's Mangonada