How To Boil and Store Ground Beef

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Looking for a quick way to cook and store ground beef? Try the boiling method for a fast and easy way to cook a bunch of meat all at once.

Boiling ground beef was something my mother and grandmother did two or three times a year. They would store the cooked meat in freezer containers in two cups measurements. All the containers were marked how many cups were in each container.

Whenever a recipe called for ground beef, one of us kids was sent to the basement to retrieve the required number of containers.

All you need is a big stock pot. The one I use can handle up to 20 pounds of ground beef at a time.

Equipment Needed

  • Big Stock Pot
  • Water
  • Ground Beef

Instructions on Ground Beef Boiling and Storage

  1. Place ground beef into your stock pot.
  2. Add enough water to cover ground beef with 4 inches of water at the top.
  3. Place on burner and bring to a boil.
  4. Stir ground beef to break up the pieces.
  5. Do not over stir as this will cause the meat to break down into very small pieces.
  6. You are finished boiling the meat what there is no pink left when stirring meat.
  7. Drain water from the meat.
  8. Package in freezer container or bags.
  9. Label and date.

*Feed the broth or water that you drained out to your dogs or mix in with their food.