Lemon Almond Cake Recipe

This Lemon Almond Cake Recipe is an elegant callback to the Art Deco era.

| October 2013

  • "Vintage Cakes," by Julie Richardson, offers recipes from the smallest cupcake to the grandest chiffon.
    Cover Courtesy Ten Speed Press
  • Refined and elegant, this Lemon Almond Cake Recipe is especially light and moist due to the addition of lemon custard.
    Photo Courtesy Ten Speed Press

Vintage Cakes (Ten Speed Press, 2013) Julie Richardson's newest collection of dessert treasures — offers readers enough cupcake, flips, rolls, layers, and chiffon cake recipes to please any crowd. From the chapter “Everyday Cakes,” this Lemon Almond Cake Recipe is a beautiful streamliner cake sure to the centerpiece of any table.

You can purchase this book from the Capper’s Farmer store: Vintage Cakes.

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Lemon Almond Cake Recipe

I found a recipe for a Lemon Streamliner Cake tucked away in a 1967 issue of a publication called Baking Industry with no explanation of the origin of the name. Intrigued, I searched high and low for the “streamliner’ reference to this cake, to no avail. I could only conclude that the cake might be named after the streamlined trains and automobiles of the early twentieth century, or possibly the lovely, sleek, and colorful art deco “streamliner” china made by the Salem China Company in the 1930s. Whatever the origin of its name, this luscious single-layer buttermilk cake is especially moist and light due to the addition of almond paste. It’s topped with a sunny lemon custard.

Bake Time: 42-45 minutes

Pan: 9" by 2" round cake pan, greased and bottom lined with a parchment paper circle.

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