Charming Seed Bag Place Cards

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By Emma Sundh, Linda Hansson, And Louise Lemming

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The seed bags can be decorated with each individual name and finished by tying with lace or ribbon before arranging on the table.
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“Vintage Parties” by Emma Sundh, Linda Hansson, and Louise Lemming, is filled with fun ideas for vintage party throwers and goers.

Vintage Parties (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014), by Emma Sundh, Linda Hansson, and Louise Lemming, encourages readers to use vintage style and decorating techniques at the next party they host. Readers can find decorating ideas, recipes, and tips to planning the perfect party. This excerpt can be found in Chapter 1, “Spring Fling.”

Set out on a flea market adventure and browse china and crystal glasses of every kind. For a couple of dollars per piece, you can collect a whole set of plates, side dishes, glass, cutlery, and napkins. If you can’t find linen napkins, simply sew your own from washed flea market fabrics or simply old linens.

Mix and match on a whim and make a unique table setting for each guest. You can use pressed linen cloth, lace curtains, or pieces of fabric remnants that can be sewn together into a larger piece of cloth.

Seed bag place settings

Top off your tablecloth creation with place cards in the form of homemade

seed bags. Tear out or photocopy pages from antique books or old encyclopedias. These often contain beautiful illustrations and engravings of all sorts of flowers. You can buy such books for next to nothing

at flea markets and yard sales. Glue along the length of three of the paper’s edges and attach it to the description page of the chosen flower (where you’ll also find instructions on how to care for it), which then becomes the rear side of the seed bag.

Put some seeds in the bag and staple along the top. Do you want to conceal the staples? Fold a circular doily into a half moon and attach it to the top edge of the seed bag. Done!

A place card, soon a dazzling flower, and then a memory for life—all in one!

More decor?

Circle a lace or silk ribbon around the seed bag and finish by tying it into an ornate bow. Ribbons can be found in craft stores, online, or even in Grandma’s sewing kit. Browse and play and let your spring fling style evolve from there. There are no rules here.

Reprinted with Permission from Vintage Parties by Emma Sundh, Linda Hansson, and Louise Lemming and Published by Skyhorse Publishing.

Published on May 23, 2018