Dog’s Sixth Sense Helped Save a Life

I once had a miniature schnauzer, and if it hadn’t been for that dog, I might not be here.

One Saturday, my friend took my schnauzer out for a walk while I slept. Along the way, my dog decided it didn’t want to walk anymore. When they got back to the house, I was still asleep, so they watched TV. Suddenly, they heard me gasping for breath.

When I woke up, there were paramedics in the room. Apparently, I had stopped breathing in my sleep. If my dog hadn’t been so persistent in wanting to come back home, I wouldn’t be alive.

That was five years ago, and, unfortunately, I’ve had to say goodbye to my four-legged hero. I still miss that pet.

While my new dog doesn’t make up for the loss of my beloved schnauzer, it does fill a void in my heart.

Bismarck, N.D.