Together with God: Favorite Radio and TV programs

The best thing about watching TV or listening to the radio is not the program, but the time spent with family.

I prefer educational TV, while my husband prefers sports. I don’t mind watching sports, though, because we are together.

He tends to get excited if his team is winning or losing. I enjoy watching his passion for the sport. It’s like seeing it through his eyes. 

When my son, Mike, was a teenager, his favorite show was Growing Pains. He identified with the teenage son character, Mike Seaver. I took advantage of that fact.

If Mike Seaver did something wrong, and he usually did, then I used the lesson to impress upon my son why he should avoid such behavior.

My mother prefers the Golf Channel, and it amazes me how she knows the names of all the players and their stats. I can never follow the ball, and yet her eyes can see it all the way to the green.

We avoid any programming that upholds violence as entertainment and, unfortunately, there are a few. We turn to another station until we find something funny or family oriented.

I wish we could do that in real life – simply change the station to stop the violence.

Father, thank You for giving us time to spend together, to keep our family strong and growing in Your way. Help us continue to find the means to stop the violence and give more love and compassion to one another. Amen.