Man’s Fishing Gear Included Dog

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Photo by Fotolia/imphilip
A dog enjoys his fishing trips to the lake.

Our friend’s father would frequently gather his fishing gear and spend an afternoon at the lake. He was quite a fisherman. Whenever he went, his dog and faithful companion would accompany him. The dog loved to go on fishing trips, but would wander when he felt they had been there too long.

One particular afternoon, they had been at the lake for hours. The fish were not biting, no matter what, and the dog was beyond ready to go home. The man told the dog as soon as he caught a few fish they would go home.

Apparently the dog felt the need to help out. He disappeared as he often did, and about 30 minutes or so later, he reappeared and laid something at his owner’s feet.

When the man looked down to see what his fishing buddy had brought him, he found a stringer with six fish. Laughing, he picked up the fish and went to find the owner. Still chuckling, he found the owner of the fish and returned them. The owner of the fish was not as amused as was our friend’s father.

Though they continued to fish together for many more years, the dog never “caught” fish for his human again.

Danbury, North Carolina

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