Pass The Peanut Butter Please

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By Mel Boone

If there’s one thing that can be agreed on at home, it will be this one: Everyone at home loves peanut butter. That’s pretty much where the agreement ends. It’s when you start asking “crunchy or creamy?” that the humans start to take sides.

That has been the age old argument for years at home. Speaking for my self, my preference has always been crunchy. Even as a kid, it had to be crunchy. The brand name never mattered to me as long as the word crunchy was on the label. Hand me a jar of creamy peanut butter and I would just look at it and wrinkle my nose.

It was kind of like the way I viewed milk. Mom could set a glass of milk in front of me and I would wrinkle my nose at it. For me, milk was for cereal unless the glass had that magic ingredient in it. Mix chocolate or strawberry syrup in it and I would drink milk all day. I honestly haven’t changed much since then.

David on the other hand, will only eat creamy peanut butter. He has a hatred for the crunchy kind. For him, there’s the bread, butter, creamy peanut butter, strawberry jam and another slice of bread for a sandwich. I tried a crunchy peanut butter sandwich with a banana the other day and loved it. I haven’t convinced him to try it yet.

I did try a peanut butter and banana smoothie yesterday, it tasted pretty good. As usual, I didn’t care for cleaning the blender when I was done with it, but that’s the way I am anytime I use the blender. It still has to be cleaned, so I cleaned it while daydreaming for a dishwasher for all the other dishes that I needed to wash.

The pets at home love peanut butter too. Jake and Buddy have their kong toys to eat their treats out of. However, they like the empty jar too. When the plastic jars are pretty much empty except for what little is left on the side of the jar, the plastic jar gets cut in half, and each dog licks clean whichever half they get. They don’t care if it’s crunchy or creamy. As long as it’s peanut butter, Jake and Buddy are happy. One of these days, I need to google recipes for dogs that include peanut butter. Why not when I’ve got a couple of taste testers at home?

My parrot, Bogie, loves peanut butter too. As with the dogs, she is indifferent when it comes to crunchy or creamy. As long as it’s peanut butter and it’s on a cracker, she will eat it. As far as that goes, it doesn’t even need to be on the cracker. Just put a dab of it on a plate and she will still eat it.

So it goes at my house. The crunchy versus creamy debate will continue between the two humans. Just as long as we don’t run out, the pets are happy.

Jake enjoying peanut butter.

Published on Apr 17, 2018