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By Cappers

Animal Sounds

‘What sound does a cow make?’ Mrs. Dewey asked her kindergarten class.

Little David was waving his hand in the air excitedly, so she called on him.

‘Moo,’ David said loudly.

‘That’s right,’ Mrs. Dewey said. ‘And what sound does a cat make? Alice, do you know?’

‘Meow,’ Alice said in a soft, sweet voice.

‘Correct,’ the teacher replied. ‘Jamie, can you tell me what sound a lamb makes?’

‘Baaaa,’ Jamie said.

‘Yes, that’s right,’ Mrs. Dewey said. ‘Jennifer, what about a mouse? What sound does a mouse make?’

‘Click,’ Jennifer said proudly.

Dean – New York

Pre-Computer Era

Before computers, a few words had different meanings than they do today.

An application was for employment. A program was a television show, a cursor was someone who used profanity, and a keyboard was found on a piano.

Memory was something a person lost as he or she aged, a CD was a bank account, and a floppy disk was something terribly wrong in a person’s back.

Cut was something you did with a pocketknife, paste was what you did with glue. Web referred to a spider’s home, and a virus was the flu!

Bob – Tennessee

Published on Apr 1, 2008