Time-Saving Cleaning Tips

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Courtesy Green Works
Get the house cleaned quickly with these simple tips, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy favorite activities with loved ones.

Who wants to spend all their time inside cleaning house, especially when summer is in full swing with fun and entertaining activities? To help you keep house cleaning manageable, while making time for the people and activities you most enjoy, here are some tips.

Tips for saving time doing laundry

  • Take a few seconds to spot treat tough stains before putting clothes in the hamper.
  • Don’t sort laundry before throwing it into the washer. Simply leave out garments that are likely to bleed, and be sure to use the coldest water setting on the rest.
  • Use the shortest wash cycle, then treat your load to an extra spin cycle. This will wick away extra moisture and cut down on drying time.
  • If you have kids old enough to pitch in and help with cleaning, assign specific tasks, such as sorting, folding or putting laundry away.

Five minutes to a clean bathroom

  • Stash stray items in cupboard organizers for easy sorting.
  • Use a gentle cleaning wipe that is naturally derived, yet packs a punch, such as the compostable Green Works wipes, to quickly give the mirror, countertop, faucets and sink a good once-over.
  • Shake out the bathmat and use a few squares of toilet paper to wipe the floor.
  • Use a disinfecting wipe to clean the toilet seat. Spray the inside with cleaner, and flush.
  • Lastly, throw out the trash.

Five minutes to a clean kitchen

  • Stow bulky appliances, pots and pans in cabinets, not on counters.
  • Recycle any recyclables and take out the trash.
  • Stick dirty dishes in the dishwasher or fill the sink with soapy water and submerge dishes into hiding.
  • Hit hot spots with an old T-shirt or rag and all-purpose cleaner, wiping down the fridge door, counter, stove top and sink.
  • Do a quick sweep of the floor.