Together with God: Blessings in Disguise

God answers our prayers, although not always the way we want. For example, from the time I was a child, I wanted nine children, but ended up not being able to have any. After several miscarriages, however, God answered my prayer in a different way.

We found out our neighbors had become foster parents to a young boy, and my husband suggested we become foster parents, too. I was appalled he would ask me to borrow someone else’s child and pretend to be that child’s mother. Then one day, while talking to the neighbor’s young foster son, it became apparent that our neighbors didn’t really want the child; they simply wanted the money that came along with being foster parents.

After reporting the situation, Social Services asked us to take the boy in for the weekend, until they could arrive Monday morning. We did, and it changed my life. I became that boy’s mother. I told him stories, tucked him into bed, and worried about his future while he slept. We became his foster parents, and happily added eight more children, until we had nine. Had I been able to have children, we might not have taken in those children.

Father, thank You for our blessings in disguise. Give us strength to keep looking for the joy in living, and hope to believe that it will come to us.