Together with God: Furry Friends

Kittens are so cute and soft, you want to rub them against your cheek, and puppies are playful enough to lick the giggles right out of you. It’s no wonder children tend to squeeze too hard at first.

Puppies and kittens are bundles of love from the moment you pick them up. And, if by some magic you are immune to their charms, I’m sure you will be drawn in by their need for attention.

Brown-eyed puppies can melt any heart. They cry for your acceptance, begging for your love.

A puppy’s existence depends on you. It needs to be fed, loved and cared for as it grows.

Before long, dogs begin caring for you and protecting you from any advancing harm. My dog protects me from roaming squirrels. She chases them back up their trees and out of my garden.

As a dog matures, it repays you with more love and loyalty than you deserve – and the love and loyalty is
given unconditionally.

A dog hears your deepest secrets and reveals nothing. Its purpose in life is to meet you at the door, love you and protect you, just as you did for it when it was young.

So, hold your furry friends gently, but don’t squeeze too tight. Show them love, and teach them to be gentle. What comes back to you will be a blessing beyond measure.

Father, thank You for the gentle love of our furry friends. Thank You for creating these soft, devoted creatures who desire only to be loved and to give love. May we open our hearts to them and learn how to love as unconditionally as they do. Amen.