Together with God: Staying Active

I prefer to say I’m staying active instead of using the word exercise. That word means work to me, whereas staying active reflects more of a fun attitude – and I am all for fun. Sometimes, as adults, we forget to have fun.

Life has become a structured day of work, worrying about paying bills, buying prescriptions and making opportunities for our children to have better lives. We need to have fun just as much as our children. We need to stop worrying, working and paying bills long enough to enjoy the life God gave us. Allowing Him to take over the worry is expressing faith in His promise to provide all we need.

We all know by now that staying active is very important to our health, and, fortunately, it can be fun. For years, my husband and I were in a bowling league, and now we go dancing once a week.

We have met a lot of good friends who enrich our lives with laughter, companionship and love. We play cards, dominos and Trivial Pursuit to keep our minds active and relaxed at the same time. Stimulation – that’s what staying active is about. Filling your life with fun will relieve stress and anxiety.

Father, thank You for all You give us. Thank You for our jobs, our children, and even for the problems that sometimes seem monumental. Help us to strengthen our trust that You will take care of the problems that overwhelm us. Help us to stay active all the days of our lives. Amen.