Trip to the Fair

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Every year, I can’t resist going to the local county fair. I didn’t participate in 4H or FFA as a kid. At that time, people had a tendency to look down their noses at a “town kid” being in something that was supposed to be for the “country kids.” I guess it was just as well. I was way too shy and bashful. I really had no place to raise a project — like a chicken, turkey, or pig — at home. So as an adult, I applaud the youth who are in these organizations and participate in the local and state fairs.

2016 Macon Town and Country Fair, Macon, MO

Here at home, the local fair is in July at the county fairgrounds, just a couple of weeks before the antique tractor show. The kids are really in to it. They come out and, with the help of adults, set up the pens and bring out their animals. Once there, the kids are always busy grooming, feeding, and showing off their animals. It’s wonderful to see one kid there and, a year or two later, the sibling competing as well. They learn to be responsible. They learn what it is like to be a good sport, too. Not everyone can be Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion. When the fair is over, the kids all come together to clean up and take down the pens. You can go out there the very next day and not know that the fair was just there. The kids clean the place up that good!

Someday, I would love to go back to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. I’ve only been there twice: once to a Red Power Roundup, and once to the fair when I was 16. That trip was just to go to the Clint Black concert. I would love to make a day trip to it, just to see the animals.

If you ever get that chance, take it. The kids who participate are our future. With all the hard work that they do just to get there with their animals, they deserve a pat on back.

2016 Macon Town and Country Fair, Macon, MO