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At the fair

There are a lot of things that I look forward to doing during the summer months. One is going to the fair. The county fair is being held this week where I live in Macon count as well as the neighboring Shelby county. The kids here always seem to enjoy showing their livestock that they've ...

The Learning Never Stops! Join Us at the Fair

The Learning Never Stops! Join Us at the Fair Photo by Queren King-Orozco The Mother Earth News Fair is your passport to money-saving hacks, health-boosting remedies, and environmental strategies from leading experts and entrepreneurs around the country. In addition to presentations and ...

Trip to the Fair

Every year, I can't resist going to the local county fair. I didn't participate in 4H or FFA as a kid. At that time, people had a tendency to look down their noses at a "town kid" being in something that was supposed to be for the "country kids." I guess it was just as well. I was way too shy ...