Federal Reserve Creates Online Resource that Educates About Finances

By Cappers

The Federal Reserve has introduced a new Web site that provides information to young and old about money matters. Clicking on a ‘Personal Financial Education’ bar at the top of the site, visitors can go to a page that provides information about subjects in categories such as consumer banking, loans and credit, and interest rates. Here, visitors can read and see illustrated information about direct deposit accounts, credit reports and financial frauds and scams.

Educators can click the ‘Teachers Resources’ bar at the top of the page to visit a part of the site that includes quizzes, lesson plans and media, all designed to aid the teaching of financial information to students.

The last bar atop the site’s pages, marked ‘Fed101,’ will take visitors to a convenient menu of shortcuts for accessing the various resources throughout the site, providing a quick and easy way to navigate through its resources.

To visit the site, go to www.FederalReserveEducation.org.