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TAG : May 2005

Considered a Weed by Some, Asters Add Color to Garden

I used to think that asters were weedy plants that were too wild for a garden. I always thought they looked great mixed in with a field of goldenrod, though.Then I got a job at a greenhouse, potting up bare-root plants. After the aster roots were potted, I picked through the leavings and got ...

Riding the Rails

For my husband's birthday this year, I took him to St. Louis to see a Cardinals baseball game. He's been a huge Cardinals fan since he was a little boy, so seeing them play at their home stadium was a dream come true for him.We decided that rather than drive to St. Louis, we would ride the ...

Animals Use a Clever Trick or Two to Survive in the Wild

Animals in the wild kingdom are crafty - they have to be. Without knowing a few tricks, they would soon perish. The peculiar skills some animals employ to ensure their own survival are quite unique.The partridge is a bird that acts as well as any actress to protect its young. When a person or ...

Federal Reserve Creates Online Resource that Educates About Finances

The Federal Reserve has introduced a new Web site that provides information to young and old about money matters. Clicking on a 'Personal Financial Education' bar at the top of the site, visitors can go to a page that provides information about subjects in categories such as consumer banking, ...

The International Peace Garden: A Symbol of Friendship

Nearly 50,000 people were present when the garden was dedicated July 14, 1932. Dr. Henry J. Moore, of Islington, Ontario, Canada, a lecturing horticulturist for the Ontario Department of Agriculture, came up with the idea of creating a botanical garden to commemorate the long and peaceful ...

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