Fresh Recipes for Garden Tomatoes

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Photo by Getty Images/fotokostic

Tomatoes are all the rage this time of year, as they should be. After all, who doesn’t love fresh, juicy, mouthwatering tomatoes? However, after a couple dozen BLTs, we’re ready for something different. And, when we have a lot of tomatoes, we need to figure out a way to preserve them, so all of our hard work isn’t wasted.

Here are some simple, delicious recipes from the Capper’s Farmer archives for using fresh tomatoes to make everything from salads to pizza and flatbread, to salsas, frozen marinara sauce, and even ketchup.

We’ve also included a few recipes for dishes that call for salsa, ketchup, and marinara sauce — because if store-bought sauces are good, then homemade sauces are sure to be even better, making these favorite meals all the tastier. Enjoy!

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