Peach Melba Ice Cream Recipe

Using a small list of ingredients you can make this peach melba ice cream recipe at home.

| October 2013

  • Peach melba ice cream in a clear dish
    Whether they are farm fresh, store bought or frozen, you can use ripe peaches for this delicious Peach Melba Ice Cream Recipe.
    Photo Courtesy DK Publishing
  • The Kitchen Garden Cook Book Cover
    Editor in Chief Caroline Bretherton brings you this compilation of over 200 recipes for the enjoyment of your garden year round. "The Kitchen Garden Cookbook" is a must-have for great cooking and preserving ideas.
    Cover Courtesy DK Publishing

  • Peach melba ice cream in a clear dish
  • The Kitchen Garden Cook Book Cover

Ripe peaches make tasty additions to any dessert, but with this homemade ice cream recipe you will find a whole new way to appreciate this flavorsome fruit. This excerpt from The Kitchen Garden Cookbook (DK Publishing, 2011) explains picking and storing peaches, and gives you a Peach Melba ice cream recipe worth saving.


When to pick peaches
Pick peaches when they come away from the tree easily. They should give slightly if squeezed, and often have a pinkish blush and a sweet fragrance when ripe.

Eat and store ripe peaches
Eat when slightly soft, at room temperature. Depending on when they are picked, they will keep up for 5 days at room temperature.

How to preserve peaches
Peaches can be sliced and dried, as well as used in all kinds of jams and jellies, savory chutneys, and preserves. They have low pectin content, so crack the stones open and use the kernels to help settling, as with apricots.

Freezing peaches
Pit, slice, and open freeze on trays, as a cooked or uncooked puree, as a freezer jam, or blanched or poached in sugar syrup.

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