Homemade Gifts for the Holidays

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Photo by Getty/yulka3ice
Garland, candy canes, cookies, and pretty wrapped gifts add a festive touch to Christmas.

A few years ago, the editors of Country Living magazine compiled their favorite recipes, decorating tips, and ideas for handmade gifts, and created the book Country Living Christmas Joys: Decorating, Crafts & Recipes.

We recently came across the book, and the first thing we noticed was that all of the projects, recipes, and decorating tips are simple and fun. We enjoyed it so much, we thought we’d share a few of the projects with you.

Projects, Recipes, and Wrapping Ideas:

These projects were reprinted with permission from Country Living Christmas Joys: Decorating, Crafts & Recipes© 2015 by Hearst Communications, Inc., an imprint of Sterling Publishing.