TAG : August 2006

On The Garden Path: Clematis

Travel any country road in late August and early September, and breathe the fragrance of autumn's sweetest clematis. This redolence emanates from the lacy white flower of Virgin's bower - the most delicate of wildflowers - as it follows fencerows and treetops while reaching for the sun, forming ...

Garden Clippings: August

First there is despair. The knowledge that some of the plants in the garden that provided a beautiful landscape over the past months will succumb to the hot, dry winds by displaying scorched and tattered foliage is depressing. Hostas and ferns will be the first to suffer, and even frequent ...

Don’t let poison ivy spoil all your summer fun

If you've had poison ivy dermatitis, you're among millions. Being immune one year is no guarantee you won't be sensitive the next.Knowing the enemy by sight can help you avoid it. The green leaves - often shiny on top and slightly hairy underneath - always appear in clusters of three. (Remember ...