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Garden Clippings: February To-Do List

If you've ever thought about it, February is an odd month. It's almost as though it were a last-minute addition to the calendar to make up for some sort of sidereal miscalculation. It's the shortest month of the year with 28 days, and every four years, an extra day is thrown in.A couple of odd ...


On the Garden Path: Valentine’s Day Tulips

Silver Springs Attraction, a 350-acre theme park in Silver Springs, Fla., is known as Nature's Theme Park. It's located 90 miles north of Orlando, just east of Ocala.Nature's colorful beauty encircles everyone who visits. The botanical gardens feature an abundance of native and exotic plants ...

Ocean study half complete

Ocean study half completeThe Census of Marine Life has hit its midpoint. Begun in 2000, the 10-year, international project aims to conduct an underwater census that assesses the diversity of the world's oceans.At the project's official Web site, visitors can read more about the project's goals, ...